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About Pablo Schurig

pablo portraitPablo Schurig is the Head Pro at the Lafayette Tennis Club in Northern California. In 2014, Pablo was ranked #1 in the nation for Men's 30 Doubles Division, and holds 21 Men's Open Championship Titles. Pablo won the 2014 National Men's Open 30+ Doubles Title and he captained his 5.5 Men's team to a win the 5.5 National Championship. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech where he played NCAA Division 1 tennis for 4 years.  Pablo has been teaching tennis for 14 years and has worked with world ranked Dmitry Tursunov. Pablo has been ranked #1 in Northern California in Men's Open Doubles, and is currently ranked #1 in NorCal In Mixed Doubles.

In addition to his impressive tennis resume, Pablo is also an accomplished impressionist painter whose art has shown in art galleries across the country. Trickshot Tennis was born from Pablo’s passion for tennis and love of illusion. He’s studied sleight-of-hand magic and illusion for several years, and has always loved bringing his creativity into sports. His unique combination of tennis skills, artistry, and sleight-of-hand magic is the reason why Pablo has evolved into a master of tennis trick shots.


  • 2014 National Men's Open 30+ Doubles Title
  • 2014 Men's 5.5 National Championship, Captain
  • 2014 Nationally Ranked #1 for Men’s 30 Doubles Division
  • Ranked #1 in Northern California Mixed Doubles
  • “America’s Hottest Tennis Coach” in 2013 from The Tennis Channel

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