You are about to witness the most Amazing tennis trick shots on the planet! With over 500,000,000 views on social media, including 3,500,000 views on YouTube,
Pablo Schurig and
Trick Shot Tennis have been featured world wide on the Tennis Channel, ESPN, EuroSport, Reddit,
People Are Awesome, and live at the 2016 US Open
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AMAZING Tennis Trick Serves

With Over 10,000,000 views on social media, you won't believe your eyes!

Check out some of the CRAZIEST tennis trick shots on the Planet!  As seen on EuroSport, People Are Awesome, and live at the 2016 US Open!

AMAZING Tennis Trick Shots 8

Check out the latest Tennis Trick Shot Compilation

Check out these UNBELIEVABLE trick shots performed by trick shot artist Pablo Schurig. You Won't Believe your EYES!

Take the "Legal or Illegal" Challenge!

Think you know the rules of tennis????

Check out these crazy trick shots and try to figure out which ones are Legal or Illegal.  Only 20% have passed the test! Share with your tennis friends and see if they can pass.

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TRex Tennis | Trick Shot Tennis

Ever seen a Trex perform Trick Shots?

Enjoy this hilarious video of the Giant T-Rex pulling off crazy Tennis Trick Shots!

Trick Shot Tennis BLOOPERS

When Trick Shots go bad... Really Bad!

Enjoy these hilarious EPIC FAILS when these Tennis Trick Shots go horribly wrong

Learn the Secret Con Artist Trick Serve!

With a little you can master this Amzing Trick Serve

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